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Mansion “most improved” at Elite 11 QB camp

Posted by Eric | July 28, 2006 at 3:54 pm | In Recruiting | No Comments

Reports from the Elite 11 quarterback camp list 2007 commit Brock Mansion as the recipient of the “most improved” honors. Here’s an additional comment on his performance from an administrator of the camp:

Brian Stumpf says: Brock is a guy that benefited a ton from being out at the Elite 11 the past four days, even telling his dad that he learned more the first day there than he had previously known about playing the position. Was he one of the top four or five overall at the camp, probably not just due to consistency but Brock has a tremendous upside and showed improvement each day. His physical tools and upside are there and it’s just a matter now of applying the new things he learned and continuing to work hard and make himself as good as he can be - which could be scary.

Pac-10 media picks Cal as preseason #2

Posted by Eric | July 28, 2006 at 7:36 am | In Ranks/Predictions | 1 Comment

In a poll of West Coast media members who cover Pac-10 football, Cal has been voted preseason #2 in the conference. While USC takes the #1 spot with 18 of 29 first-place votes, Cal also received 7 first-place votes. Take a look at the breakdown here.

Cal releases 2006 Football Media Guide

Posted by Eric | July 26, 2006 at 8:28 pm | In Uncategorized | No Comments

The 2006 Football Media Guide is now online on the official Cal Football site. Take a look.

ESPN: Cal/Tennessee #1 intriguing matchup

Posted by Eric | July 26, 2006 at 3:00 pm | In Games | No Comments

ESPN writer Bruce Feldman has named the Cal/Tennessee game the #1 intriguing matchup for September. He writes:

1. Cal at Tennessee, Sept. 2: I know this one pits a team that played in the Vegas Bowl against one that didn’t even go bowling, but I’m fascinated by how the Vols come out. Will there be any hangover from that wreck last season? And what will the Cal Bears get from their QB spot? Are they back to being a top 10 program or have they peaked? I have a feeling the loser of this one, especially if it’s the guys in orange, will be sent reeling. I guess this one is kinda like the Kirstie Alley of games — two programs that had been riding high a few years ago before sliding into some sort of embarrassing downturn. Both are reportedly on their way back into the spotlight again, but we’re not sure just how far back they truly are, and we’re not quite ready to take them too seriously just yet.

I was a little surprised to see that Feldman considered Cal’s last season “embarassing” like Tennessee’s and his statement that he was not ready to take either team seriously. While Feldman has consistently been skeptical of Cal’s legitimacy this season (especially in light of the quarterback situation), these words are a bit stronger than usual. However, I’m glad that he recognizes the stakes of this game for both programs and the article still adds to the building hype to September for Cal.

EDIT 7/28: I’m happy to see that Feldman more or less retracted his “embarassing” statement in response to feedback from a Cal fan:

Jerris in San Carlos, Calif.: I love your blog and think you are spot on with most of your observations, but I do take issue with you characterizing Cal’s last season as “sliding into some sort of embarrassing downturn.” It was an obvious rebuilding year with unproven QBs, WRs and most of the defense. I think you would be hard-pressed to find many Cal fans who thought last year was embarrassing. I think the parallel with Tennessee is strained on that point. But I am psyched you are looking forward to the game as much as I!

Feldman: Yeah, Jerris. You caught me. I kinda cheated a little to make the Kirstie Alley line fit. That really wasn’t that embarrassing of a downturn for Cal especially in light of the nightmarish lengths the Vols sunk to.

Rivals: Tedford/Dunbar working on “magical mix”

Posted by Eric | July 25, 2006 at 8:52 am | In Offense, Spread | No Comments has put together an article describing the new offense. It also talks about Mike Dunbar’s history, how he was hired as the offensive coordinator, and his thoughts on the quarterback situation.

Dunbar offers a few glimpses into his potential playbook, including shotgun formations with 4+ wide receivers, possibly including tailbacks Marshawn Lynch and Justin Forsett in addition to star wideout DeSean Jackson. In the end, the plan is to have what he described as a “magical mix” of head coach Jeff Tedford’s pro-set offense and Dunbar’s spread.

Take a look at the article here.

Cal launches Marshawn website (for Heisman)

Posted by Eric | July 21, 2006 at 10:14 pm | In Marshawn | No Comments

Cal has launched, a website designed to promote Marshawn Lynch, a Heisman Trophy contender.

The site looks great, and it offers a wealth of highlight videos and other information about our great running back. Hopefully the site will contribute to Lynch’s national recognition and his run for the Heisman. Take a look!

EDIT 7/22: The San Jose Mercury News put up a news article discussing Marshawn’s site on the front page of today’s Sports section. Read the article here.

EDIT 7/24: The Daily Californian also has a nicely written opinion column about the site. Take a look here.

New banners at Memorial Stadium

Posted by Eric | July 16, 2006 at 10:17 pm | In Uncategorized | No Comments

New banners have replaced the old outside Memorial Stadium. Previous banners featured Marshawn Lynch and Brandon Mebane. These current banners include LB Desmond Bishop, CB Daymeion Hughes, OL Erik Robertson, and TE Craig Stevens. Here are photos:

Photo credit: pepman54

Recruiting update

Posted by Eric | July 15, 2006 at 6:40 pm | In Recruiting | 1 Comment

Last week, safety Chris Conte out of Loyola High School in Los Angeles committed to Cal’s 2007 recruiting class. He’s a 6′3″ defensive back with solid numbers. Here’s his profile.

Joe Robles, a kicker recruited to walk-on (unofficial) out of Tesoro High School in southern California, was injured in the Orange County North-South Prep All-Star Football Game. Apparently, a fight broke out near the end of the game and he ended up on a stretcher with a knee injury. It’s too bad… hopefully it was not too serious and he’ll have a speedy recovery.

Hughes and more recognized in Steele’s 2006 Preview

Posted by Eric | July 7, 2006 at 6:13 am | In Ranks/Predictions | No Comments

Similar to other publications, Phil Steele’s 2006 College Football Preview has named three Cal players on its preseason all-star teams. The breakdown:

First-team: Daymeion Hughes (CB)
Second-team: Marshawn Lynch (RB)
Fourth-team: Brandon Mebane (DT)

The publication also has several of our players ranked nationally:

Hughes (#1 cornerback)
Lynch (#3 running back)
Mebane (#7 defensive tackle)
Desmond Bishop (#9 inside linebacker)
Tim Mixon (#14 punt returner)
Anthony Felder (#19 outside linebacker)
DeSean Jackson (#33 wide receiver)
Nu’u Tafisi (#34 defensive end)
Phillip Mbakogu (#38 defensive end)

Here’s the listing of Cal’s preseason All-Americans and rankings. Kudos to Hughes for getting so much preseason respect. As an aside, he’s also tied for the #1 cornerback rating in the NCAA Football 2007 video game.

Cal picks Oregon’s associate AD for development

Posted by Eric | July 5, 2006 at 3:37 pm | In Uncategorized | No Comments

Cal has hired Jim Bartko, a former Oregon administrator and liason to Nike as the new Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development. This is a great hire considering the upcoming stadium renovation project and its need for funds. Over at Oregon, Bartko oversaw the fundraising for their stadium, basketball arena, and other facilities, so he’s a very experienced addition to the staff. Here’s Cal’s official press release.

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