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Rock bottom: season Longshored

Posted by Eric | December 2, 2007 at 6:09 pm | In Coaches, Games, Quarterback |

Longshore: Deer In Headlights

Cal loses the Axe and goes down 20-13 to Stanford. Unbelievable.

At least in 2005, the season was mitigated by Tedford’s late decision to pull Joe Ayoob for Steve Levy. The Big Game was secured and we found victory in the Las Vegas Bowl.

2007 has turned out much worse than 2005. Indeed, Nate Longshore has performed as poorly as Ayoob did, but he has not been replaced by a healthy and potentially superior backup quarterback waiting on the bench. Cal’s BCS opportunity this season was “Longshored” away by Tedford’s loyalty — as Tedford became loyal to a fault.

Tedford is still the savior of Cal Football. Nate is still a good kid and a Bear. However, there is NO justification for Longshore playing exclusively in the last six games, especially as he struggled mightily and threw game after game away. You could see that he lacked leadership, confidence, and heart, and the whole team followed — they quit and will continue to quit as long as Tedford stubbornly starts a bum quarterback with zero potential to win games.

Today, Cal accepted a bid to play Air Force in the Armed Forces Bowl in Fort Worth, TX on December 31. If you see #9 under center, expect the Bears to lose.

If Tedford doesn’t make the QB position an open competition come Spring, expect another embarrassing disaster in 2008.


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  1. well said, Eric. this team needs leadership right now, and NL is not it.

    1. Comment by JT — December 2, 2007 @ 6:40 pm #

  2. How much pride would it have taken to say “Thanks, but no thanks” to the Armed Forces Bowl? My face is flushed with embarrasement. Wonder what it will be like on Dec. 31st?

    2. Comment by David — December 2, 2007 @ 8:13 pm #

  3. Tedford must be held responsible for this, he is the head coach. I know we all hold him in such high regard as the savior of Cal football, but the truth is that until we get over that looking back attitude of what we use to be we will never progress. It started last year with his comments about not having any outside expectations, only those they put on themselves. Okay this sounds like a good idea, except it does not address that the outside pressure is there no matter if they talk about it or not, so talk about it. Place the pressure on the players for the fact we have not won a Rose bowl since 1937. This Tedford attitude was most sicking when he said that last years 10-3 team, which was co-champions (come on we lost to USC) was an amazing accomplishment, no it was a horrible, we had a chance to get to the rose bowl, and longshore threw 2 picks in the 4th against UA. Teams take on the attitude of their coach and Tedfords no emotion attitude shows, he said that he never wanted to show that emotion again when referencing the Oregon St throwing down of clip board. THAT IS WHAT HE NEEDS TO DO, you could see it no emotion on the Cal side against Stanfurd, how do you not get up to beat your rival, if he cannot get them ready for that game he cannot get them ready for any game.

    In closing, all Cal fans must continue to voice their concern over what has happened this year, the fact is we have all heard the cry ” We will get them next year.” That is the rallying cry of those who never win next year.

    3. Comment by Terry — December 2, 2007 @ 8:16 pm #

  4. Terry, I agree totally–a coach NEEDS to be demonstrative and emotional; its sets the emotional tone for the players.

    The game against Air Force will only serve as a reminder to the nation-wide audience of how far Cal slipped in the polls; THAT will be the experience and legacy of the 2007 Armed Forces Bowl.

    4. Comment by David — December 2, 2007 @ 8:28 pm #

  5. i hope riley starts the bowl game and starts next season.

    5. Comment by Bo — December 2, 2007 @ 10:00 pm #

  6. Do you think Tedford notices that CAL is scoring less every game? With the exception of the U-Dub game, where we probably got some gimmee points because they were so far ahead.

    I agree with #3. I am sick of Tedford’s no emotion, we are doing ok-no need to panic and change anything- we just need to work out the details attitude. Is losing 6 of the last 7 enough to warrant a change? Is it time to try and rework some things like going to other sets other than our standard 2-3 receiver, pro-sets? When are you actually going to put Riley in after he warms up?

    He basically threw our season in the toilet with his loyalty to Longshore. Yeah we lost our chance at the BCS title and a Rose Bowl, but is a winning Pac-10 record and respectability too much to ask? A season low 13 points againt a horrible Stanford team has shown how far CAL has dropped. I don’t need to be paid millions of dollars to know CAL needs some changes. Hopefully a shutout by Air Force won’t be what it takes for Tedford to realize he royally f*)$%d up this season for us.

    6. Comment by JC — December 3, 2007 @ 1:30 am #

  7. It would be nice to have a Defense next year, too.

    7. Comment by Jeff — December 3, 2007 @ 11:55 am #

  8. The trip to the Armed Forces Bowl is saving me the cost of an Emerald Bowl ticket (assuming they would have gone there with one more win).

    I don’t get why Tedford sticks with Longshore. I don’t think anyone gets it.

    8. Comment by MikeD — December 3, 2007 @ 12:31 pm #

  9. anyone have a pick of the landing of sanchez’s foot on the interception?

    9. Comment by wARREN — December 3, 2007 @ 4:22 pm #

  10. I think we can all agree that there are some glaring issues with Tedfords teams. Even his best team the 2004 team was unable to punch it in on first and goal on the 9 against USC. We have all seen the Offensive completely self destruct when they get a 1st and goal from the 5, when one of the best O lines in the country cannot get you a 2 yards on the goal line you have serious problems. These coaching issues continue not just to the O, but the Defense never makes Tackles at the point of attack, the Oregon game, even though we won, showed that the best. Tackling is something the coaches need to be teaching if the team is unable to do so. Special teams, yes our Punt return the last two years has been great at times, and other times not there because they do not kick it our return man. But special teams have always been a problem, especially kickoff and punt coverage. This is something Tedford needs to address, Va Tech and Oklahoma have been the two best special teams teams over the last decade. Beamer ball is using your best athletes all the time, not the second string. Now how many BCS games have Va Tech and OU been in over the last 7 years at least 8 that I can think of. Then there is the issue of not running up the score, okay I get the being a good sport, but this is college football, and when you get a chance to take someone out to the woodshed you need to, why? The polls matter, and the polls espcially the computer ones still take into account the spread if not the margin of victory. Tedford should understand this, after all his Oregon team got screwed, and the 2004 Cal team got screwed because they did not run up the score. Not understanding that he is playing in a sport where polls matter concerns me. And finally for now on my rant, recruitting this is key. Yes he recruits great Offensive talent, but they do not pay enough attention to the D, and as the saying goes Offense wins games Defense wins championships. The Bend dont break does work against the teams it is designed to work against, if and only if you have a pass rush. This is the key to all of Cal’s Defensive woes. You cannot drop 8 and give the QB 6 seconds to throw he will find someone. Cal has not recruited a great pass rusher in sometime, this is a problem, and it looks as if this year will be no different. The best Tedford Defense was the 04 team which had Ryan Riddle get over 10 sacks, plus all pack 10 interior lineman Alexander, and Membane. Cal has a tradition of good pass rushers, but the last 3 teams nothing, you cannot play bend dont break when you get no pressure. If they had a pass rush Cal’s Defense would have been a lot better.

    Again sorry for the rant.

    10. Comment by Terry — December 3, 2007 @ 4:30 pm #

  11. Just my two cents for 2008
    * Replace Longshore
    * Replace defensive coordinator Gregory – Break but don’t bend doesn’t work
    * If all else fails replace Tedford.
    True he brought Cal back but it may be time for someone else to get it to the next level - not sure Ted is that guy

    11. Comment by CJ — December 4, 2007 @ 5:57 am #

  12. I agree with CJ on almost everything you said, I do think that bend dont break works if you have a front four that can get you constant pressure, because it does force the qb into bad decisions. I agree you give JT one more year, but if he does not get us to the Rose or win the Pac-10 outright then its time to go. It is like the Union Generals during the civil war, as brigade commanders (Offensive Co-ordinators)they were great, give them total command and they failed horribly until Grant came along. Norv Turner is the best example of this, he is one of the best Offensive Co-ordinators out there, and he has always been a crappy head coach. We may have to come to that conclusion here.

    Also has anyone heard about these rumors of the locker room being split, and JT having lost control of the team and players, anymore info on this would be greatly appreciated.

    12. Comment by Terry — December 4, 2007 @ 6:31 am #

  13. Everyone is so p—ed right now. Understandable, jusitified, I suppose. But let’s not lose sight of the big picture here. I’ve been following Cal football since the 60’s. We watched one mediocre season after another for decades. Tedford changed everything at Cal. Yes, this season is a crashing disappointment; but MAINLY because we now have heady expectations as being perennial PAC-10 contenders. Expectations that were never there until JT arrived. Think how we mauled Tennessee after an embarrassing loss. Now just think what Tedford can do to rebound from an embarrassing season. Let’s give him that chance. One more thing, Justin Forsett deserves an apology from this team as he is the only one who refused to quit, especially when things went badly. Go Bears!

    13. Comment by Mitch — December 4, 2007 @ 12:36 pm #

  14. I agree with all comments made. It’s been a very disappointing season. Tedford stuck by Longshore too long and the team suffered for it.

    What are Longshore’s 4th quarter stats? 14 INT and 1 TD? He’s not a clutch player. Tedford needs to give Riley another chance.

    14. Comment by Mike — December 4, 2007 @ 2:32 pm #

  15. Nice blog BTW …Keep up the good work!

    15. Comment by Mike — December 4, 2007 @ 2:33 pm #

  16. Mitch I see your point entirely, my father went to Cal and I grew up a Bear, and then I went to Cal, all I am pointing out is that all my life I have heard is ” we will get them next year” I do not want to spend the rest of my days with those words in my head. I think we do give JT one more year, but if he does not win the Pac-10 outright or get us to a Rose then after 7 years its time to let him go. If we keep living in the past, on what this team used to be we will never win it all, we have to get over the fact that we use to be horrible and start asking ourselves why we cannot be #1. UMich is the number one winningest college football team and they are also a great academic institution, Stanfurd was in a rose bowl in the last decade, there is no reason why we cannot be both a great Academic institution and have a athelitics program with a powerhouse football team.

    16. Comment by Terry — December 4, 2007 @ 3:47 pm #

  17. Terry, It’s very cool to link up with any Bear fans, especially those that have been around a long time. And I enjoy chatting about it with you guys. Look, I have no problem with keeping the heat on the coaching staff. We have all been hungering for football greatness at CAL for years. And I agree with you that there is no reason to think that great football success cannot be reached at CAL, and SOON. BUT,I’m just pretty confident that Tedford will figure it out. I think the PLAYERS gave up after UCLA. I was there, I saw it in person. So personally, I give Tedford as much time as he needs. My family and I are enjoying this long run of atypical football success too much to think differently.(2007 excepted,of course) To me the biggest challenge he faces is not talent, or X’s and O’s or even execution. The challenge will be motivating players who have caved-in and quit. (Justin Forsett excluded) But remember, Tedford got more results with less talent just a few years ago. Now he will need to find ways to provoke these 20 year old players into believers again. Not easy!, Still I can’t imagine anybody else coaching Cal at this time. I really think he’ll do his homework.But then again, I reserve the right to change my mind after another season or two like this one.

    17. Comment by Mitch — December 4, 2007 @ 5:22 pm #

  18. I would love to see Tedford take us to the Rose Bowl, and not just when we play UCLA every two years. Yes we give him at least another year, I will be the first to sing a new tune if he takes us all the way. But you pointed out some of the serious problems that occured, in particular the team quiting. After the UCLA game he should have gone with Riley, that was his fault. I do not like to speak of rumors, but it appears that not only did the team quit but there was also a split in the locker room. Some players openly calling out Tedford and the coaching staff, this is all rumor, but it appears he kept playing Longshore as a message to say I am in control and you the players are not going to dictate who I play. This lack of discipline is more than self-evident when you consider it is lack of discipline that leads to over 100 yards of penalties, and almost every week an unneccessary roughing penalty or a hit out of bounds for 15 yards. I completely agree with Tedford needing to re assert his control if it was being questioned, but honestly after the USC game he needed to start Riley, to at least try to turn the tide of the season and get him ready for next year. And having watched Big Game on TV this year the announcers said that the reason Tedford was playing Longshore was to make sure he knew that he was their guy for this year and next year. Anyone can see that Riley is a better QB, just in attitude alone. After all you want the guy who makes everyone believe they are going to win, not the guy who has the better arm, think Ayoob and Levy. I would take Levy over Longshore in the fourth without a doubt, and I would take Riley everyday of the week and twice on Saturday.

    18. Comment by Terry — December 4, 2007 @ 6:28 pm #

  19. Appreciated Terry’s “just wait til next year” comment. My Dad was an alum (I chose UCSB then UCD), season ticket holder (”Golden C”) and took me to Cal games from the early 60s (saw Roger Staubach quarterback against Craig Morton) til he couldn’t make it up the steep Memorial Stadium bleachers any longer in the early 90s. Through all of those ’60s, ’70s and ’80s years of suffering, walking the long downhill walk back to our car (and then to Brennan’s) after the game, he always said “we have some JC transfers that I hear are really good, and we should be great next year”. Unfortunately, he wasn’t around long enough to see that ever happen. Tedford has done a remarkable job in creating a Cal team that my Dad would be proud of. And we who carry on with the “Cal Bear football anxiety disease” that we contracted over the last 4 decades can’t forget that things were much worse than this year’s 6-6 team - and face it, we’re spoiled after the last five years of winning for once. Go Bears!

    19. Comment by olybearfan — December 4, 2007 @ 6:52 pm #

  20. Yeah! You know we are spoiled when we start whining about a 6-6, posibly 6-7 season. I mean it is not like we have our most physically talented team ever! We all need to remember that we were terrible, and without Tedford we still would be. The simple fact that Tedford brought us out of that hole should reserve him the right to be lifetime dictator coach! I just love how he is accountable to no one! Next year guys, next year! Oh, and if we do even worse next year, just remember how we did in 2001!


    20. Comment by Seth — December 5, 2007 @ 10:24 am #

  21. Seth sometimes Sarcasm can be hard to read on a blog or e-mail, but my goodness did you ever lay it on there. I would just point out that this team is completely made up of Tedford recruits no more hold overs from the pre-Tedford era, and it is his worst record yet.

    21. Comment by Terry — December 5, 2007 @ 1:22 pm #

  22. Hey guy’s and gal’s I haven’t been in Albany, CA for very long until recently moving here because my wife is a student at Berkeley and I’m a student as well. I’m a die-hard UC Davis Aggie fan and lived in Davis for seven years. However, I was raised in the Santa Teresa area of San Jose and grew up with Cal football. Nevertheless, in Davis we love college football period! We are Aggie fans because we love the sport and we love our team, win or loose. Matter of fact our Rose Bowl or BCS Championship was beating Stanford (shocking them) in 2005!However, I do not expect coach Biggs to get the UCD squad to a national D-1AA title anytime some because the team is sooo young, but I love them no matter what and Biggs is a great coach. Here is my point, just because I’m here in Albany, studying at Berkeley does not change that the UC Davis Aggies are my number one team…I love those guys, they are fun to watch and most of them never have a shot at the N.F.L, they just love core, college football.
    You guy’s have to give Tedford some time and the record shows, the years below reveal Cal’s new success:
    1997: 3-8
    1998: 5-5
    1999: 4-7 (blown out by Nebraska 45-0)
    2000: 3-8 (but beat U.S.C 28-16)
    2001: 1-10 (only beat Rutgers)
    Tedford Era
    2002: 7-5
    2003: 8-6 (Won Insight Bowl & beat U.S.C)
    2004: 10-2 (Lost to Texas Tech @ Holiday Bowl)
    2005: 8-4 (Won @ BYU Las Vegas Bowl)
    2006: 10-3 (Won @ Texas A&M Holiday Bowl)
    2007: 6-6or7 (@ Air Force Armed Forces Bowl)

    Don’t get me wrong I thought this year was Cal’s all of the way, but what we want and think sometimes are not realized in the way we want it. Give Tedford another chance. In the off-season maybe he will rethink things out and have a different strategy next year. Obviously all of you love Cal, otherwise you would of never took the time to post your concerns (which are granted) disappointments, anger and confusion. However, hang in there. Hopefully next year will not be so ugly, but as you can see the empirical data shows that Cal Football has come a long way. It takes years to build a Rose Bowl/BCS Championship team…years! Give it time it will happen. In the meantime go support the Cal Basketball team, they are really doing well and don’t forget to support Cal’s Championship Water Polo Team, they deserve more credit and more focus then they are getting. Lastly, don’t forget about our sister school, UC Davis…Go Ag’s and Go Cal Football 2008! Beat Air Force.

    22. Comment by CN — December 5, 2007 @ 11:54 pm #

  23. Dear CN, you make some good points but I have to respectfully disagree. First though let me say that I was at Big 2005, and I clearly remember the Student section passing around a UC Davis flag, and Chanting UC Davis, UC Davis. So we certainly supported our younger sister school in beating stanfurd. But what I take issue with is the assertion that you cannot build a BCS team in a short time, your exact quote here,

    \” However, hang in there. Hopefully next year will not be so ugly, but as you can see the empirical data shows that Cal Football has come a long way. It takes years to build a Rose Bowl/BCS Championship team…years! Give it time it will happen.\”

    I will now list the pre Pete Carroll USC stats and the current Pete Carroll USC stats.

    Pre 1996-2001 37-35,
    With Carroll 2001 6-6
    with Carroll after 2002-present 11-2 Orange bowl win, 2003 12-1 Rose Bowl Win, 2004 13-0 National Championship Orange Bowl second straight naitonal championship, 2005 12-1 Lost Rose Bowl, 2006 11-2 Won Rose Bowl, and 2007 10-2 likely to win Rose Bowl.

    That is 6 straight BCS games, coming off his first season of 6-6, and the previous five years being the 2nd worst in USC history, in fact if you do not count the first year of carroll at USC his record in the last 6 years is 69-8, he is 75-14 overall in 7 years.

    By contrast lets look at Tedford, who I love dearly, he has one co-pac-10 championship, which we all know is BS, having lost to USC. His record is 49-25 over his 6 years at Cal.

    Again I love the guy, yes we give him one more year, but by year 7 of the Pete Carroll years USC had won 2 national titles and been to 6 straight BCS games. That coming off a 6-6 season.

    In closing I must respectfully disagree with the statement that it takes time to build a BCS team, and even if you say USC is out of the ordinary, Ron Zook was responsible for UF winning the National title last year, and in 4 years he got Uof Ill, into the Rose Bowl, Illinois who was in the cellar of the Big Ten, how about Charlie Weis making two straight BCS games from what were clearly weak ND teams that took advantage of the playing Duke, U NC, Army, Navy, Air Force, and an a bunch of other weak teams. Point is 6 years is long enough, and if after 7 it does not happen then it is time to consider that he might be able to get us to the promised land.

    23. Comment by Terry — December 6, 2007 @ 6:30 am #

  24. I hate to give ANY props to Stanford, but they seemd to make the two quarterback system work in the Big Game, despite Tedford saying he wouldn’t use it at Cal. The play where Pritchard rolled out and threw to a receiver on the run made me think “Ah, so this is how it could have been with Riley”. Even for a game or two, I would have liked to have seen this.

    P.S. Cal don’t embarrass yourself like you did a couple of bowl appearances ago: if you accept the bid, play the game with your heart in it.

    P.P.S. this blog has been a great source of enjoyment, information and commiseration over the course of the season. Kudos to all the Cal fans for keeping it civil and fun to log onto!

    24. Comment by Pete Maloney — December 6, 2007 @ 8:44 am #

  25. It seems that a lot of emotion controls the information conveyed in this blog but I see things from an analytical point of view and I knew I would get some who would disagree with my post. Nevertheless, I think it is important to note that I have noticed a huge level of instantaneousness in the Pros, which has filtered into college football. In the N.F.L some teams go through so many coaches, year after year; trying to find that perfect coach and frankly, a perfect coach doesn’t exist. Maybe Cal could fire a coach year after year like Al Davis with the Raiders? However, I do not think that strategy works well and it sure hasn’t worked for Al Davis in past years. I believe this instantaneousness has affected the minds of college football fans. We look for instant results and if those results aren’t realized in a specified time-frame we go looking for a Pete Carroll or a Les Miles. Realistically, it is very difficult to find great coaches like Carroll and Miles…it’s not that easy. Moreover, If a team is fortunate to find a coach with a Les Miles or Pete Carroll style, there is no guarantee they will lead their squad to a championship because you also need star quality athletes to make it happen. For example, Rick Adelman (ex-coach of the Sacramento Kings) helped build a solid basketball team and they went as far as to win the Western Conference Championship, but they never won an the N.B.A. (great in the regular season & choked in the playoffs)Finals and where are the Kings now, after they the Rick Adelman era…rebuilding stage, with a long road ahead of them? However, I do believe that Coach Tedford needs to seriously evaluate the 2007 season and make a huge assessment because the last thing he wants is a team to go into 2008 growing accustomed to loosing…very dangerous. I believe to be great we have to learn from the great ones and study them. We may not emulate them but we can put forth the effort to imitate them. I think that this is a great time for Coach Tedford to look at the success Pete Carroll has had this year. He was able to bounce his team back from tough losses without a horrible domino effect taking place. That is not easy, it could of went the wrong way in Southern Cal. However, Coach Carroll was able to negate what could of been a disastrous season and still make it to the Rose Bowl. I think Pete Carroll is a 21st century coach. One that is adaptable, listens to his players, never gets comfortable and uses whatever resources he has to win and I think that is what makes him so successful. Lastly, I believe that this crazy 2007 college football season left us many lessons yet to be learned, “Just because you start 5-0 does not guarantee squat”!Play hard and play as a team, a family-unit to get to a BCS bowl game. If your a coach, stubbornness will kill a team, be adaptable, use your resources, play every game like it is your last, “Listen to your players and listen to criticism’s”, don’t guess that your team will bounce back after a tough loss, make sure they are in the right frame of mind to achieve success and constantly renew strategist methods to finish games and please do not play your injured quarterback. I’m still trying to figure that one out???????????????. College football is a different animal now. Anyone can win!

    25. Comment by CN — December 6, 2007 @ 2:08 pm #

  26. Anyone except Cal!!! If you look at the stats of Tedford it looks like the best he can do is rotate from decent year, to not so decent, to terrible. I really hope he takes this season to heart and learns to be more reasonable. Playing Nate as long as he has is baffling. I suspect we will lose the Armed Forces Bowl and make utter fools of ourselves. All because Tedford refuses to back down and play Riley. I really think he may have some as yet undisclosed mental issues. How else does one explain this fiasco?

    26. Comment by Jack Daniells — December 6, 2007 @ 3:26 pm #

  27. on second thought, after the revelations of this week, it might be better to say, “Season Tedforded.”

    27. Comment by JT — December 6, 2007 @ 6:32 pm #

  28. This is actually the second time in the last three years a Tedford team started 5-0 and because of the QB they ended up losing four or more. That unfortunatley is a pattern, a pattern of doing decent, I say decent, because unlike Tedford 10-3 and a holiday bowl win is not something to be excited about in my mind. It seems likly that next season he might just win another 10 games and drop 1 or 2 for no good reason, because next year is our easy schedule if there is such a thing in the Pac-10. Our only tough road game is USC, perhaps WAZU if the weather gets odd, otherwise the oddities of our inconsistentcy should play themselves out again. Blowing out Or St in Oregon, while losing at home, Killing UCLA in Berkeley, while losing at UCLA, Oregon at home, Washington at home, ASU at home. This is why I am of the belief that if he does not do it next year it is time to consider a change 7 years is a longtime, I do not want to fire coaches every year, but how long I ask, how long are we willing to settle with not going to the rose bowl for the 49th year in a row, or winning one for the 71st year. I was not alive the last time Cal went to a Rose Bowl, I am just asking for Cal fans to stop thinking of ourselves as this team that is accomplishing something great right now. Honestly I will take 6-6 every year knowing that is what we are, and then once in a blue moon making it to the rose bowl, over 10-3 every year and still falling short. The problem is that we are failing to forget the simple fact of what Cal plays for, the Pac-10 the Rose Bowl, and maybe one day a national title. Point is this every year you fail to win the Pac-10, you fail to get to a Rose Bowl and win, every time that happens your season is a failure. If you have a goal and you do not reach it that is failure, I do not believe in this well we gave it our best shot lets try next year. I want to hear, we did not do it, this season was not the best we will come back and try to win it all. But Tedford does not say the latter he says the former, and he has the vast majority of people drinking the Cool-aid. Again give him one more year to make that break through, but if goes 10-2 and does not make it to the rose bowl I will still call for a change, because 10-2 is not good enough. And just for a little bit of fun lets look at some of the BCS teams over the course of the BCS, and then tell me whether or not you think its unreasonable to expect that after 7 years you make it to a BCS game.

    28. Comment by Terry — December 7, 2007 @ 8:12 am #

  29. Just for fun here is a list of the BCS teams over the first 10 years of the BCS, amazing points to consider, Ill, has made it twice, Wake Forset, Louisville, Syracuse, Hawaii, Boise St, Utah, oh and for the PAC-10, Wazu, Udub, OSU, UO, USC, UCLA, and Stanfurd, in fact if you count that ASU was in the Rose Bowl in 1997, that means only Cal and Uof A have not made it to the Rose Bowl in the last ten years. Let me repeat that so everyone understands, every single team in the Pac-10 has made it to a Rose Bowl in the last 10 years except for CAL, and Uof A, Uof A never having played in the Rose Bowl keeping in mind they only joined the conference in the 70’s. Now will someone please stand up and tell me that I am being unreasonable when I say we should not settle for anything less than the Rose Bowl. Every team in the last 10 years but Cal.

    98/99 Uwisconsin, Ucla, Ohio St, Tx A&M, Fla, Syracuse, Tenn, Fla St
    99/00 UWisc, Stanfurd***, UMich, Bama, Nebr, Tenn,Fla St, Va Tech
    00/01 Udub, Purdue, Or St., ND, Miami Fl, Fla, UOkla, Fla St.
    01/02 Ducks, Colorado, LSU, Illinois, Fla, Maryland, Miami, Nebraska
    02/03 UOkla, Wazu, Georgia, Fla St, USC, Iowa, Ohio St, Miami.
    03/04 USC, U Mich, Miami, Fla St, ohio st, Kansas st, Lsu, UOkla.
    04/05 Texass, Mich, USC, Utah, Pitt, Auburn, Va Tech, Uokla
    05/06 ND, Ohio St, USC, Texass, UWVA, Georgia, PSU, Fla St.
    06/07 USC, Mich, Boise St, Okla, Wake, Louisville, LSU, ND, Ohio St, Fla
    07/08 USC, Ill, Ohio st, LSU, Georgia, Hawaii, Okla, WVA, Va Tech, Kansas

    29. Comment by Terry — December 7, 2007 @ 8:20 am #

  30. Well Terry, lets hope that they get there stuff together up in Strawberry Canyon. If the Cal season ends up sour like this one, I’ll have to agree with you about a serious change…take care!

    30. Comment by CN — December 9, 2007 @ 8:38 pm #

  31. nice site, keep it up. Good luck for the bowl game.

    31. Comment by pujutengineered — December 13, 2007 @ 12:54 am #

  32. I would just like to say that longshore is a big problem but he’s not the only problem we have. We have a powderpuff defense and it shows. We have absolutely NO pass rush, and the db’s look talented but rarely ever make plays. The d-line linebackers made louis rankin from uw look like walter payton and Bob Gregory has to be one of the most overrated coaches I’ve ever heard of. On offense, our receivers get thrown around like rag dolls when they try to throw blocks, which prevents a lot of big plays, not to mention forsett is the only guy on the offense that I have seen break a tackle this year. I like the speed we have but I think we need to start recruiting more football players at Cal.

    32. Comment by Calman — December 30, 2007 @ 7:57 pm #

  33. as a Cal student from Austin and being a lifelong Texas Fan (even rooted for Texas over Cal for the 2005 Rose Bowl Spot, though to be fair, i didn’t go to cal at the time), i’ve noticed some similarities and differences. Texas in the first 6 mack brown years, fell short quite alot. After the 2004 loss to OU, coach brown decided to be more adaptable to his players and listen and use whatever resources available to him to win. Tedford on the other hand, keeps on making the same mistake after mistake, failing to recognize that he’s too stubborn. Mack Brown learned from the applewhite/simms controversy and ended up salvaging what he could from it (as in applewhite finishing the last two games of his career). Tedford has a QB who’s effectiveness is effectively zero and continues to play him EXCLUSIVELY. it’s like flying on a plane that just lost an engine and insisting on continuing to your destination. land the plane and fix it! the 2007 season was like Tedford losing an engine midflight and insist on keep flying and then losing the other engine before he could get to his destination. plane/season CRASHES! Reason: Pilot/Coach Error. I understand tough losses, i don’t understand complete BONEHEADED moves. Mack Brown learned from his mistakes. Tedford continues to repeat his mistakes.

    33. Comment by CalTex — March 22, 2008 @ 4:53 pm #

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