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Judgment day

Posted by Eric | June 18, 2008 at 9:12 am | In Facilities | 3 Comments

Judge Barbara Miller of Alameda County has exhausted her 90 days to make her ruling — the decision’s deadline is today.  If UC wins, the injunction preventing the construction of the new facilities needed desperately by Cal Athletics should be lifted.  If UC loses, the student-athlete high performance center and stadium renovation projects will be again delayed.

There are reports from the “front lines:” protesters camping out, news vans swarming, and UC lining up equipment trucks to finish removing the tree-sitters and begin construction immediately after the ruling. As a side note, Cal has had the authority to remove the tree-sitters for some time but has waited until yesterday to begin the removal process.

Updates will follow throughout the day.

9:30am: Confirmed sightings so far: cherry picker (a big crane).   Possible sightings: excavators (!)

9:45am: If you’re interested, you can access the court documents here (case number RG06301644).

3:25pm: No word from the judge yet — most speculation is pointing to a 5pm (court closing time) decision.  Meanwhile, the UC crews are reportedly cutting down the support lines between the trees, as the protesters scream threats and obscenities.  Here is a short YouTube clip of the scene.

5:15pm: “There are no judgments.”  No word yet.  Apparently, Cal may have a press conference at 7pm.  The suspense is killer.

Speaking of Blinn College…

Posted by Alex | June 17, 2008 at 11:16 am | In Uncategorized | No Comments reports that Jarred Price, a 5′10″ 215 lbs weakside LB has signed with Cal out of Blinn College.  Price currently plays DE for Blinn, but projects to be a LB at the Division I level.  He becomes the second Blinn player to sign with Cal in the past week.

It seems as if Price might be in the hunt to replace Zach Follett after Follett graduates after this season.  Price will probably play the same blitzing linebacker position that Follett currently occupies.  He has two years to play two seasons after using a redshirt season at Blinn.

Late 2007-08 Recruit

Posted by Alex | June 13, 2008 at 11:53 am | In Recruiting | 1 Comment reports that defensive back Bryant Nnabuife out of Blinn College in Texas has signed with the Golden Bears. Nnabuife is a 6′2″ 200 lbs player who also runs a 4.38 40. He has played both safety and cornerback in the past and could project to play either position for the Bears. Nnabuife himself prefers to play CB, but is open to playing anything. Eligibility-wise, Nnabuife has 4 years to play 3.

If you will recall, Cal signed Alex Cook out of Blinn College a few years ago. Other than Cook, Blinn has stood out as a JC team as they have placed over a dozen players at Division I colleges as transfers.

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